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Тексты песен Concrete

ConcreteАльбом: Concrete
Год выпуска: 30 июля 2002 г. (записан в 1991 г.)
Формат: Полноформатный
Лейбл: Roadrunner
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Тексты песен Concrete
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Время звучания: 41:44

Текст Concrete

Hammer down
The sickness
Wipe it out
Of existence

Cut down infection
Cut down corruption
Scrape down
Wipe out

Concrete [x2]

[Повторяется первый куплет]

Scrape down
Wipe out
Cut down


Текст Echoes of Innocence

Burn Away The Shade
Where Babies Were Born And Played
In The Corporate Eyes
These Murdering Machines

Seeds Of Destruction
Feeding Their Hate
Slowly Killing Indians
As They Burn Thier Sacred Place


No Air To Breath
Buried Without A Name
As They Spread Disease
It's All The Same

Burn Away The Shade....


Текст Piss Christ

who was the man that some feared
that some believed
he was the man that would save them
from the stifling hands of terror
hatred was confused by lies
was his own entity, was his own destiny
dragged through the streets
crucifix humiliation
was his own entity was his own destiny
so death come in the night
why did the father not save his son